✨Welcome to my digital Diary✨

My name is Oreofe (Pronounced Oreo + Fey) Aderibigbe. As someone who generally always has their fingers into too many pies, the intent of this website is to serve as a digital repository of all my work across various mediums. The pursuit of creativity is important to who I am and in all forms of my work I try to balance thoughtful design with playful experimentation. My latest pursuit is teaching myself how to create generative art with P5.js.

I'm a computer engineer turned product designer, who wanted to find more meaning in their work and be of service to society. Over the last three years I've completed an intensive bootcamp with
DesignLab, joined Branch as the sole designer creating tools to increase involvement in local politics, received rigorous training and mentorship as an intern at Evolve Collaborative, a design agency and contracted with Organise a fast growing tech start-up helping people advocate for better workplaces. Currently, i'm on the hunt for new product design opportunities.

I also like to geek out on sound and how it informs both our physical and digital lives. I love a good sound track (my favorite is the OST for the game
Journey) or sound effects with delightful texture. Occasionally, I freelance as a sound designer, taking on projects ranging from short idents for brands to sound scoring & foley work for film and podcasts.

When I'm not working you can find me creating beat music, putting together Spotify playlists, reading, obsessing over a new show, or simply enjoying a bike ride through my neighborhood.

If you'd like a more extensive breakdown of my history,
this pdf might be helpful.

Case Studies: Real Client Work & Personal Explorations

Sound Design: Past Projects & Experiments

Creative Coding: Drawings with P5.js